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International Strange Music Day

In 1998 the American Patrick Grant declared August 24 International Strange Music Day. The idea is to open up new acoustic terrain. To offer something the ear has never heard before. Foto: Dominik Vanyi on

Tracks (19)

  1. Prepared Mess UBM 2447

    Syncopated piece for partially prepared piano over a steady rhythmic motif which slightly ironically suggests the restlessness of a bumpy journey.

  2. Tick Tack UBM 2304

    Organic mid tempo, ideal for physics and science

  3. Psycho Leaders UBM 2244

    Experimental, avantgarde string piece with bits of noise and free improvisation. Disharmonious, troubling, ominous, sinister. Underscore version with added free drumming.

  4. Jumping Frog UBM 2216

    Utterly strange tune with break beat and fast moving electronics.

  5. Progress UBM 2351

    Unusual soundscape with experimental classical elements. Strings, hard piano tones and a drum create an atmosphere of hurry, agility and experimentation. Demanding and avant-garde.

  6. Hacker Blues UBM 2249

    Strangely oppressive sound that doesn't bode well. Feelings like nervousness or discomfort can be well underlined with this electronic track.

  7. Jack's Way UBM 2443

    A lonely, reverberated trumpet is floating over a soundscape of staccato notes on the piano and rumbling low frequencies, joined by sparse double bass notes with a searching quality.

  8. Question Marks UBM 2267

    Interesting synthesizer sound for art exhibitions, comedy or contributions from the cultural scene.

  9. Biorhythm ARTFCD41

    Pulsing tabla and bass effects

  10. Wibbly Wobbly ARTFCD36

    Childlike monosynth

  11. Neon Sign UBM 2298

    Futuristic, well paced, deep electronica, atmospheric, positive tension.

  12. Froggy Funk HT0042

    Medium Funk groove with synth melody and throaty synth sounds underneath.

  13. Upward UBM 2347

    Looking for something different? How about this playful, fun tune that combines delayed electronic drums with upward moving scales.

  14. Disturbed Piano UBM 2270

    Dissonant piano track. Suitable for disturbing images or horror movies. Piano.

  15. Sleepless ARTFCD44

    Jittery percussion and big synth bass riff

  16. He Is A Real Teaser UBM 2235

    Tongue-in-cheek, slow tempo, classical cartoon sound.

  17. Sluggish Samba UBM 2264

    Ironic samba for children's films, animated films and family films.

  18. Tough Enough UBM 2146

    This track is somewhat unsettling with a tough beat and E-guitar.

  19. Biotope UBM 2289

    Cautious and reserved. Mysterious and minimal.