Playlist image Wild animal of the year

Wild animal of the year

The wild animal of 2020 is the wild bee. There are around 30,000 different wild bee species on earth; in Germany there are between 548 and 570 species, depending on the experts, the year of publication and the species concept used. These differ optically in terms of size, color or pattern, but are often difficult to determine down to the type. They show lengths between 1.3 millimeters and three centimeters. Photo: Dmitry Grigoriev (

Tracks (15)

  1. Busy Bee UBM 2321

    Vivid surf guitar and rumbling backup band featuring organ and cymbals. Silly, cartoonish, fun.

  2. Pretty Penny UBM 2332

    Sweet acoustic guitar is joined by cajon, bass and whistling as this sunny track goes on. Light-hearted, cute, warm.

  3. Little Bee UBM 2337

    Happy, uplifting music for commercials, TV and children's programs.

  4. Brilliant Bee HT0070

    House with a melancholy undertone that gives a feeling of intense emotion

  5. Bergflug UBM 2320

    Airy, calm, reflective. Synthesizer-based rhythm and arpeggio with vivid atmospheres and piano chords. Positive and uplifting.

  6. A Meadow UBM 2347

    Dreamy electronic music with a warm, futuristic vibe.

  7. Flowing Boy Voice UBM 2352

    Spherical, flowing sounds for images of breezy expanses, the cosmos and the underwater world. Harmonious and peaceful.

  8. Master of the Sky UBM 2308

    Starts out very melancholy but picks up energy with marching drum and rising strings. Majestic sounding real orchestra for images of flight, awakening and voyage.

  9. Lonely Heart UBM 2284

    Beautifully melodic folk track, perfectly suitable for traditional work, nature and summer evenings with a bonfire.

  10. Once UBM 2263

    Warm, soulful, free. Perfect for romantic comedies and travel magazines.

  11. Together Again UBM 2248

    This hopeful and optimistic piano composition works for all things positive and graceful: weddings, fond memories and wonders of nature.

  12. Good Vibrations UBM 2385

    This idyllic composition suits DIY projects, renovation shows and generally positive topics.

  13. Captain Bee UBM 2103

    Strange, this Captain Bee!