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Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been very popular for several years. Playing is about solving puzzles in the team so that you can gradually work your way out of a locked room. Escape games are also offered as a board game and in virtual forms. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Tracks (14)

  1. Go Ahead UBM 2170

    light tension with augmentation; devious

  2. Alchemy UBM 2323

    The plot thickens...Slight tension, not too threatening. With marimba and bells. Suitable for mystery and crime scenes or investigative work.

  3. Turn of Events UBM 2389

    A magical world opens up: strings and flute create a mystical atmosphere full of riddles and wisdom. Ideal for mystical scenes, but also for topics such as distant countries, meditation and mindfulness.

  4. Walk Alone ARTFCD105

    Apprehensive and investigative atmosphere

  5. Moonlight UBM 2370

    Strong percussive elements lead this gripping, exciting, suspenseful track.

  6. Up The Slope UBM 2364

    Busy elecrto ambient track that builds dramatically to the end.

  7. Rhythm Bells UBM 2352

    New age composition with rhythmic bells and percussive drums. Urgent, unusual, artistic.

  8. Time UBM 2351

    Mysterious things are happening…Unusual track for scenes that indicate increasing danger or secret activities.

  9. Creepers UBM 2345

    Gloomy arpeggiator sequence.

  10. Crime II - Broken Promises UBM 2335

    Spooky and subtly dangerous. Someone is preparing an evil plan. Dark piano bass notes, electronic spheres and cristalline strings.

  11. Ghoul Drummer UBM 2329

    A nightmarish creature is making music at the haunted house. Percussive and scary.

  12. Mysterious UBM 2322

    Sparse piano tones, joined by guitar bits and percussive elements. Slightly spooky, works for fantasy films and modern thrillers alike.

  13. Infiltration UBM 2302

    An increasing tension. Mission Impossible comes to mind with this track.

  14. Secret Task UBM 2296

    The first secret mission. The tension slowly builds up.