Playlist image October 22, 2021: 210th birthday of Franz Liszt

October 22, 2021: 210th birthday of Franz Liszt

October 22nd marks the 210th anniversary of Franz Liszt's birthday. We want to use this occasion to draw attention to the music of the 19th century and to current compositions that are influenced by this important classical era.

Tracks (15)

  1. Nocturne UBM 2155

    'Salonmusik' – version of famous Chopin composition

  2. Prelude UBM 2101

    largo-feeling, gentle, returning home in the evening, swelling mood

  3. Prelude In C Minor Chopin HT0014


  4. The Good Waltz UBM 2342

    Variations on a waltz. A longing theme evolves into a baroque dance, turns into a Sicilienne followed by a fugue, only to land in the world of Russian romance.

  5. Aristocratic UBM 2336

    Neo-romantic composition for orchestra. Colorful and inviting.

  6. Vincent UBM 2324

    Melodic, pop-infused neo-classical piano piece. Pleasant, playful, positive.

  7. An Old Story UBM 2380

    Sluggish track that evokes a feeling of saying goodbye. Tired, reminiscent, sentimental.

  8. Melodie in F UBM 2155

    Short piano piece composed by 19th century Russian keyboard virtuoso Anton Rubinstein

  9. Lest We Forget UBM 2236

    Neo-classical piece with strings, flutes and acoustic guitar for cultural features and sophisticated documentaries.

  10. Feather Dance UBM 2362

    Dreamy, naturalistic piano. Single tones like raindrops or sunbeams on the surface of a lake. Relaxing, minimalist.

  11. Harp Remorse ARTFCD31

    Simple and emotional harp

  12. Short Memory UBM 2285

    A melancholy orchestral score with piano and strings. For dramas or reports about the Second World War.

  13. Papillon UBM 2353

    Slightly melancholic, yet light piano piece.

  14. The Last Review UBM 2367

    A piece for contemplation, of far rolling hills or landscapes to let you mind wander and flow with nature.

  15. Closeness UBM 2335

    Sparse and airy, yet very emotional neo-classical piece.