Playlist image Light Tension with Piano
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Light Tension with Piano

Dark sounds for suspenseful scenes and reports about (cyber) crime. Subliminal to poignant - a compilation of different tracks with atmospheric synthesizer soundscapes, strings and piano.

Tracks (30)

  1. Data Security UBM 2296

    Determined, serious, resolute. For data theft, cybercrime and shady business.

  2. 7 Tage UBM 2190

    Mysterious & moving. Electronics, strings and piano. Gentle beat from 1:12 on.

  3. Deserted Planet UBM 2495

    Lonely, an atmosphereless rock has been circling its sun in ever tighter orbits for centuries.

  4. Criminal Network UBM 2452

    Track trained on minimal music and modern film scores that guarantees excitement and thrills. Reports on criminal activities, true crime podcasts and crime series are given the final musical touch. Starts sparsely, becomes increasingly dramatic.

  5. Obscure Premonitions UBM 2457

    Investigative journalism and reports on corruption and criminal activities benefit from this increasingly dramatic track. Great for true crime and epic crime series too.

  6. Search UBM 2274

    Warm piano and dangerous sounding synths create a dramatic tension that takes your breath away.

  7. Losing Days TWPM 060

    A dark, pulsing track with low cello effects and a haunting piano melody line, ideal for investigation stories and pensive scenes.

  8. Alternative Facts UBM 2401

    Mysterious and waiting. For investigative formats, undercover investigations and mysterious events.

  9. Deadly Rhythms UBM 2291

    Time is running out! The diligent lab workers hurry efficiently to beat the deadline.

  10. Piano Moods UBM 2272

    Piano and sound effects are combined into a dark, threatening sound. Suitable for horror and thriller.

  11. Conglomerate UBM 2237

    Steady piano line and pulsating electronics. Ideal for political documentaries and investigative TV.

  12. Heading North UBM 2461

    Neo-noir formats benefit from this exciting composition.

  13. Research UBM 2258

    Time is running out. This track, characterized by piano, synthesizer and strings, conveys a feeling of hecticness and threat.

  14. The Source UBM 2464

    Although the situation is tense and the end uncertain, curiosity wins. For exciting thrillers, true crime formats or mysterious content.

  15. Special Duty UBM 2425

    The special unit is determined to deploy. Serious, urgent, significant. For exciting dramas.

  16. Underwater UBM 2370

    A gripping, light intro that builds into a deep, spacious background. Perfect for deep sea images.

  17. Obscure Relations UBM 2405

    Mistrust grows, intrigues are spun and tension increases. For family dramas, love films and series.

  18. Reluctance UBM 2410

    Neoclassical score for Nordic Noir, demanding documentaries and cultural programs.

  19. Airpiano UBM 2183

    dramatic & increasing; gaining clearness

  20. The Game UBM 2302

    Orchestral light tension and excitement with a great percussive underlay.

  21. Stories 01 UBM 2112

    psychological, piano, strings

  22. Pushy Strings UBM 2270

    Piano and strings create a fast, slightly dramatic track that expresses emphasis and clarity. Ideal for news, political affairs and informed posts.

  23. Northern Noir UBM 2490

    Atmospheric score for Scandinavian-style thrillers, sophisticated documentaries or historical reports. Ambient surfaces meet individual piano tones and a warm e-guitar.

  24. Intrigues UBM 2390

    Something is brewing ... Mysterious, abysmal, full of foreboding. Slow piano and ambient surfaces create an enigmatic, touching atmosphere.

  25. The Clue TWPM 059

    Pulsing, mysterious, and exciting cinematic-like track with electronic instruments, and piano, some acoustic and electronic percussion.

  26. No Velvet Dreams UBM 2469

    Cautiously, barefoot, one foot in front of the other, you explore the contentless grid world of an unfinished pipe dream, accompanied by drowsy piano arpeggios.

  27. Missing Pieces UBM 2472

    A research station in the Arctic. Icy winds blow around the top-secret area. Inside: laboratories full of highly explosive series of experiments, the genesis of which reaches far back into an era of inhuman atrocities many decades ago.

  28. Dark Flow UBM 2447

    A rumbling, low-register pedal tone forms the canvas for a jazzy right-hand improvisation, the individual notes of which echo in the room crystalline and searching.

  29. Dna ARTFCD54

    Moody, lush and rhythmic with mysterious pads and piano

  30. Election Fraud UBM 2361

    Corrupt politicians manipulating elections. Menacing guitars, hectic strings, ticking clocks and apocalyptic percussion underline the end-of-time mood.