Playlist image Melancholisches with Beat
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Melancholisches with Beat

Relaxed beats with a slightly melancholic touch. For modern reports and documentaries, thrillers or content for Gen Z.

Tracks (29)

  1. Approaching Threat UBM 2491

    In the early 21st century, humanity faces a multitude of new challenges, the crushing weight of which is straining social coexistence to the breaking point. Ticking, with a worrying undertone.

  2. Jess UBM 2459

    Backwards samples and a dragging beat: Perfect for hang timez with the homies and chilling on the couch until the munchies kick in.

  3. Dream Life UBM 2487

    Daytime TV or thrilling online content requires emotional music that also leaves room for your own associations. Featuring piano and synth, this track supports soulful content without overpowering it.

  4. Big Clouds UBM 2498

    Reverberating vocals open this emotional pop track, before a 4/4 bass drum breaks out, which turns into a happy breakbeat. Catchy, modern, touching.

  5. Lofi Sushi City TWPM 063

    With its jazzy beats and laid-back vibe, this chill track is the perfect background music for any positive occasion. The gradual build-up, culminating in a brass and saxophone climax, makes it an enjoyable and dynamic listen, while the handpan sequence adds a unique touch to the overall soundscape.

  6. Alone On Route 66 UBM 2158

    Says it all. This town ain't big enough for both of us.

  7. Turn Back UBM 2448

    Cool big city sound that goes well with urban reporting.

  8. Russula UBM 2341

    The moments of self doubt every artist is confronted by during their artistic process.

  9. Grey Today ARTFCD32

    Melancholy with piano and steelstring guitar

  10. The Breakup UBM 2481

    A temporary separation can sometimes be the last hope for a relationship. Temporarily left to their own devices, both partners become aware of their real priorities. Melancholic, later more hopeful.

  11. Slow Jumps TWPM 056

    Cool and grooving downtempo with thumping bass line and synth texture featuring treated vocal samples.

  12. Kind Of Unsure UBM 2238

    Restrained, hesitant mood. Repetitive piano, quiet guitar and subtle electronic beat.

  13. The Past Will Come Again TWPM 045

    Acoustic bed with chamber strings, bells, guitars and percussion featuring minimal repetitive gradually building melody.

  14. Sade left me TWPM 004

    Laid-back chill song with acoustic guitar featuring sentimental electric piano theme.

  15. Eurostar ARTFCD112

    Melancholic and yearning progression with hip hop beats

  16. Hacking UBM 2278

    Electronic soundscape that covers topics such as cyberspace, renewable energy, and space exploration.

  17. Lake City UBM 2272

    Lost, sad, questioning everything. Gentle piano melody.

  18. Disappointed TWPM 013

    Funky beats with electonic piano and synths featuring soulful male lead vocals.

  19. Bristol UBM 2183

    Investigative, focused and thoughtful. Ideal for crime series and light dramas.

  20. Timeless UBM 2279

    Dreamy, melancholic piano suitable for sunsets or ocean views.

  21. Lonesome Chords UBM 2220

    Melancholy and serious track with a very subtle, pulsating beat.

  22. Sweet Breeze UBM 2318

    Airy, contemporary track for images of human relations, nature and time going by. Laid-back, slightly melancholic.

  23. GLASS POP TPT001

    Sensitive piano meets hip-hop beats and creates the sound of the 1990s. Thoughtful, lonely, lovesick.

  24. Waiting For Ann UBM 2246

    Calm electric guitar, sparse electronic beat and a warm bass. Introvert, deep in thought, pondering.

  25. End Of Summer UBM 2268

    Melanochlical vibraphone melody with slow strings creates an autumn mood.

  26. Rain UBM 2218

    Contemplative, thoughtful, sad. Piano, a soft beat and electronic spheres define this ambient track.

  27. Spring Fields TWPM 005

    Tender, chilled downtempo bed with acoustic guitars featuring simple piano melody.

  28. Rear Window UBM 2103

    Melancholy in the big city.

  29. Seclusion UBM 2281

    Starting with a sophisticated solo piano that climbs to a crescendo and then slowly drifts into ambient electronica. For nature shots, longing love scenes or historical dramas.