Playlist image October 31, 2021: Halloween

October 31, 2021: Halloween

The term Halloween encompasses folk customs in the evening and on the night from October 31 to November 1. These were originally widespread mainly in Catholic Ireland and were brought to the USA and expanded by Irish immigrants. Since the 1990s, US-American Halloween customs have also spread in Europe. Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

Tracks (18)

  1. Out Of Breath UBM 2398

    Eerie soundscape with breath noises, electric guitar and threatening bass. For psychological thrillers, escape games or scenes that convey feelings of paranoia and time pressure.

  2. No Escape Room UBM 2418

    A wobbling bass synthesizer and creepy sound effects for setting music to a threatening place.

  3. Monks From The Future UBM 2435

    Latin singing with vocoder. Retro-futuristic, unusual, original.Latin singing with vocoder. Retro-futuristic, unusual, original. The text, Omnia Sol Temperat, is known from Carl Orff's setting and comes from the medieval poetry anthology "Carmina Burana."

  4. Trick Or Treat UBM 2395

    Classic piano theme for scenes on Halloween, for masked balls or customs for driving out ghosts.

  5. Werwolf UBM 2172

    dark, brutish; sparse yet heavy

  6. Childrens' Nightmare UBM 2329

    Mysterious piano echos create an atmosphere of tenseness and disquieting expectations. Something is out there and waiting…

  7. The Last Door HT0010

    Lite Orchestral tension. Sounds like a building or house is haunted.

  8. In Trance UBM 2362

    Flowing, urgent piano arpeggios. Nervous, serious mood with increasing pitch and intensity.

  9. I see you UBM 2152

    lonely at night, flashback, slightly emotional, piano drops

  10. Witches UBM 2322

    It's Halloween! Witches are flying their brooms all across the sky.

  11. We Are Not Who We Say We Are UBM 2302

    Simple piano, halloween type intro, builds to a well paced exciting cinematic experience.

  12. When the Twilight Comes UBM 2308

    With the help of the full orchestra, bells, flute and harp create a magical mood of curiosity and subtle excitement. Dream-like, playful and intriguing.

  13. Violence UBM 2211

    Spooky breathing noises, bells, and atonal melodies create an uncanny atmosphere.

  14. Spine Tingler ARTFCD103

    Chilling high strings and harp with string section interludes

  15. Creeping Closer Towards HT0406

    Ambient and synthy Tribal House

  16. Psycho 02 UBM 2139

    suspenseful layers, perc. fx

  17. Evil Comes UBM 2352

    Evil is approaching ... Eerie soundtrack for disturbing scenes.