Playlist image Hygiene & infection protection

Hygiene & infection protection

The ongoing threat from the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting our everyday lives. Measures such as thorough hand washing, wearing masks and regular disinfection of your own hands help to minimize the risk of infection for yourself and others. Photo: unitednations (

Tracks (12)

  1. Hypnotic UBM 2291

    A subtle soft beat-laden background compliments the uplifting, almost frivolous melodies of this track.

  2. Health System UBM 2381

    Fresh, modern track that is suitable for start-up branding as well as for scientific evaluations.

  3. Trappin Rob UBM 2272

    Piano fills and trap beat create an atmosphere of the bustle of data and fast developments. Suitable for documentations on the development of Social Media, IT and fast-growing business in Silicon Valley.

  4. Flowing Chart UBM 2348

    Neutral pleasant mood. This medium tempo track is the perfect modern underscore for tech contexts, informative magazines and daytime TV.

  5. Glastower UBM 2341

    Subtle backround sound. Expectant and impulsive.

  6. Waiting Period UBM 2282

    Emotive, gentle marimba with a neo-classical, minimalistic style.

  7. Swimming Pool UBM 2267

    Warm and content track with with jazz guitar and bass. Lounge jazz.

  8. Personal ID UBM 2360

    Neutral score for images of innovation, product development, manufacturing, and design.

  9. Cozy Marimba Melody UBM 2352

    Pleasant mid tempo track in neutral mood.

  10. Drip Drop UBM 2304

    Slightly more upbeat track with warm bass sound. Airy, positive and beautiful.

  11. Electric Force UBM 2277

    Soft track with basin and synths. Suitable for genres like science, technology, science fiction and tension.

  12. Investigation Montage UBM 2274

    Sober, almost neutral track, ideal for images of development and research.