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Tidying up, restructuring, mucking out: in short, about organization. With the right instructions and a good plan, new tasks can usually be completed in no time. Leaving old burdens behind you not only frees you mentally, but also creates more space for free thoughts, new goals and perhaps one or the other new piece of furniture or clothing. Photo: Kelly Sikkema (

Tracks (15)

  1. Things To Remember HT0080

    Upbeat dance track or underscore track with a feel-good vibe. Features keyboards and orchestra.

  2. World Of Work UBM 2385

    Casual track that radiates summer, sun and surfing fun. Relaxed topics and tips about traveling can be accompanied appropriately.

  3. A Little To The Left HT0060

    Fun grooving funk, Brass licks and solo, disotrted guitars

  4. Last Goal UBM 2358

    Simple funpop track with simple 'na na na" melody. The song is great for our younger soccer fans.

  5. Red Drops UBM 2304

    Soothing, rejuvenating experience.

  6. Next November UBM 2360

    Neutral to positive background at medium speed (110 BPM). Increasing intensity. Possible topics: communication, media, society.

  7. Concentration ARTFCD07

    Intense bells & strings

  8. Focused Strings UBM 2275

    The strings create an urgent, serious sound, while the piano sounds playful and light. Perfect for film expositions or news.

  9. Food Decoration UBM 2386

    Exciting, fast, focused. The last components are arranged. The countdown is on and the next tasting is imminent.

  10. We Do More HT0041

    A great head-nodding rock track with a sense of positive determination.

  11. Learn To Smile HT0040

    Electronic Classical Euphoric track suggesting the style of Sigur Ros. A soft rock track with sweeping, ethereal pads and warm vocals.

  12. Music Keeps Me Going On UBM 2391

    Pop ode to music with female vocals. Good mood and summer feeling are inevitable.

  13. Devise UBM 2326

    Fast strings evolve into a Dubstep construct.

  14. Stay Tuned UBM 2383

    Staccato strings create a mysterious atmosphere. Ideal for children's films, cartoons or features about baby animals.

  15. Crazy Thoughts UBM 2321

    Restless thoughts disturb the night's rest. Can't fall asleep. Track of relentless nervousness.