Playlist image April 8, 2023: 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso
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April 8, 2023: 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (born 1881) was a Spanish painter and sculptor. His oeuvre includes paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures, the total number of which is estimated at 50,000. It is characterized by a wide variety of artistic expressions and techniques and is shown in museums in Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. The Museu Picasso in Barcelona and the Musée Picasso in Antibes were created during his lifetime. Pablo Picasso died 50 years ago on April 8, 1973. Photo: oriolpascual via

Tracks (16)

  1. Esperanza UBM 2447

    A percussive, seemingly endlessly repeating high-register piano motif unfolds over a carpet of a repeating, harmonically sparse major key piano arpeggio. Processed with backward effects, the motif later takes on an almost flute-like impression.

  2. Huainito de bienvenida UBM 2142

    Dreamy mandolin and saxophone create a warm and passionate sound. For balmy summer nights when meaningful glances are exchanged.

  3. Infaltilis UBM 2326

    Imagination unleashed. Sound design meets groove.

  4. Streets of Sevilla UBM 2457

    The black cat sneaks through the narrow streets of Santa Cruz. There are all sorts of things to discover in the Andalusian evening sun.

  5. Oil On Canvas UBM 2458

    Warm electronica for emotional pictures. Slightly sentimental without sounding cheesy. Strings, piano, electronic drums.

  6. Acoustic Swing 1 UBM 2280

    Jazz swing music, ideally accompanied by a cigar and a glass of whiskey. Tasteful, slow, sedate.

  7. A Cortazar En Rayuela UBM 2252

    Melancholic solo piano piece that makes you contemplate. Lonely, regretting and sad.

  8. Shaping UBM 2443

    Soft electric piano sounds meander slightly aimlessly over a pad of walking bass and swing drums. Uncertainty and doubt may be expressed thus, albeit not entirely hopelessly so.

  9. Tomares TWPM 041

    At the campfire or on the dance floor; a dynamic flamenco to dream of faraway Andalusia.

  10. Fiction UBM 2289

    The melancholic side of the future.

  11. Blue Velvet Blues UBM 2483

    Subdued light, an exquisite cocktail and furniture covered with fine velvet: this atmosphere arises in front of the inner eye when listening to this smooth track. The solo electric guitar, the modulating piano and the lush strings would look good on any Hollywood classic.

  12. Path Of Life UBM 2470

    Scaffolding fences every building in the once dazzling district that was badly scarred by the war. Stone by stone, industrious, mostly female helpers are building the future of the city.

  13. Lying In The Sun UBM 2417

    Dreamy instrumental with harp, piano and clarinet. Great for family programs and pictures of untouched nature. Fluid, careful arrangement.

  14. La Tristeza UBM 2281

    An uplifting track featuring a Spanish guitar and cello. Melancholy yet hopeful. Emotional, warm, cordial.

  15. Amor Español UBM 2412

    Raise the curtain for the captivating attitude towards life in Spain. The rhythmic flamenco guitars and the fiery accordion sound like passion, temperament and sociability.

  16. Jour De Pluie UBM 2353

    An exciting, thrilling journey, positive and enthralling.