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Retro Synths

The 80s are back - or were never over! If you are looking for sparkling synthesizers, spacey ambient music or warm electronic pads, you will find what you are looking for in our library. Foto: Lorenzo Herrera/ Unsplash

Tracks (17)

  1. Night Drive To Saturn TWPM 050

    Super catchy, melodic synthwave with 80s arpeggio bass and driving beats.

  2. Myth UBM 2289

    An undulating, interesting keyboard sequence, stimulating and flowing.

  3. Anticipate TWPM 064

    Trippy repetitive 80s guitar melody over groovy live drums, driving bass line, pulsating synth arpeggiator with psychotic pads.

  4. Keytarate UBM 2480

    Intoxicating synth pop in the style of the 80s. Optimistic, ready to go, futuristic.

  5. 50 Grand In The Back Seat UBM 2240

    Synthesizers, bells and ominous electronic spheres in the style of the 1980s. Retro, cool, slightly threatening.

  6. Strange Times UBM 2435

    Great synth sound for hip retro horror. Warm keyboard pads and arpeggios are reminiscent of gruesome film classics from the 1970s and 80s.

  7. Duvet UBM 2498

    This warm bath of sound with a laid-back groove brings a contemporary edge to social reporting and tutorials. Upbeat and inspirational, with a catchy synth hook without being too intrusive.

  8. VCR In Outer Space TWPM 056

    Cool, minimal synth melody and treated vocal samples over super slow modern beats and floating electronic texture.

  9. Absolutely 80s UBM 2394

    A happy retro track that will bring back the 80s. For TV and radio broadcasts with a strong vintage vibe.

  10. Never Out Of Sight UBM 2504

    Retro-futuristic, sparkling synth arpeggios create a warm atmosphere. This track lends a soft touch to images of the departure into space or of flora and fauna under water.

  11. Nighttime Hoboken UBM 2465

    A nighttime drive through a pulsating metropolis, past the temples of finance capital towering into the sky with their mirrored façades reflecting the neon light of the advertising billboards. Gradually increasing in tension.

  12. Retro Games UBM 2396

    Electronic retro sound reminiscent of the 1980s. Walkman, Gameboy and early computer games.

  13. Sweet Cigarillo UBM 2334

    Vintage synth pop anthem that sounds as fresh as it would have done back in the 80s. Dynamic synth chords meet a catchy melody and propulsive bass lines.

  14. Summer Echoes UBM 2310

    Crystalline synthesizers with plenty of delay meet warm bass tones. Airy and classy, for images of movement and an upscale lifestyle.

  15. 80s Trash UBM 2347

    Nostalgic synthesizer sounds and warm arpeggios for fans of 80s Wave, Synth Pop and Goth music.

  16. Electronic Hit UBM 2352

    Grooving vintage track with shimmering keyboards. Reminiscent of the 1980s and early synthesizer experiments.

  17. Sky Laws UBM 2344

    Pulsing synth arpeggios and single piano chords create a mesmerizing air of mystery and anticipation. Later drum hits join in.