Playlist image August 13th: Night of the Shooting Stars 2023
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August 13th: Night of the Shooting Stars 2023

From July 17th to August 24th, the Perseids can be seen in our night sky. They are the most impressive swarm of meteorites in our latitudes. Around August 13, 2023, the Perseid falling star event will peak. Photo: Prokhor Minin on Unsplash

Tracks (17)

  1. Voyage Au Centre De La Terre UBM 2465

    To the centre of the earth, into the depths of space or to the realm of the gods – distant journeys full of hardship have inspired our collective subconscious to dream and tell stories since the dawn of human history.

  2. Little Walk UBM 2415

    In turbulent times, many people rely on alternative healing methods and holistic therapies. Hypnotic and floating, these sounds create an atmosphere of well-being and inner balance.

  3. High Tech Production UBM 2499

    Whether international corporations, medium-sized companies or creative start-ups - Bavaria's strong economy benefits from diversity and the innovative culture typical of the state. The state's economy is one of the strongest in Europe.

  4. Awakenings TWPM 063

    This slow, laid-back track releases chill and positive vibes, with a lush string section leading the way. The organic and acoustic feel of the gradually building orchestration creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  5. When Stars Collide UBM 2344

    Slow electronic soundscape with warm spheres and glistening synth notes. Somewhere between New Age and 1980s electronic music, this is the perfect retro soundtrack to all things Sci-fi and Utopian.

  6. Galaxies Between Us UBM 2480

    Slow electronic track, for example for images of space and underwater worlds, but also for sophisticated art and culture programs. Getting more and more epic.

  7. Rose Of The Desert UBM 2512

    Atmospheric bass clarinet with lots of reverb. Panorama landscape shots, images of deserts or areas in the Middle East are thus accompanied both subtly and effectively. 84 BPM, C minor.

  8. Floating Space Bubbles UBM 2259

    Electronic sounds and airy soundscapes. For neutral or technical content.

  9. Metropolis UBM 2289

    Distant worlds. Waiting for discovery. Lightly driven and not overpowering.

  10. Scientific News TWPM 031

    The subject focused and clear in view. For reports from science and research.

  11. Gentle Melody UBM 2162

    calm, carefree, dreamy

  12. Inside A Dream UBM 2469

    2030: The digital instance of a human consciousness pulses dimly in the countless twists and turns inside an artificial neocortex made of fibreglass.

  13. Dark Pulsar TWPM 059

    An electronic ambient tune with both dark and bright tones. The heavy, growling bass-line serves as a counterpoint to the bright synth pulses and the shiny piano lead.

  14. Atlantis Avenue UBM 2460

    Human history has seen countless empires flourish and wither away. Some of them swept into the depths by raging floods for all eternity. Modular synthesizers bubble profoundly of past tragedies and historical turning points.

  15. Ocean In A Cave UBM 2447

    Endlessly blooming piano notes fill an underground cave with sound like a gush of fresh spring water making its way through dense rock.

  16. Calling Pluto UBM 2305

    Mysterious, warm, calm. Very subtle beat starts at 1: 21. Soft and atmospheric.