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True Crime

True crime formats are a very popular entertainment format - whether on television or as podcasts. Music plays an important role in creating the right mood.

Tracks (23)

  1. Criminal Network UBM 2452

    Track trained on minimal music and modern film scores that guarantees excitement and thrills. Reports on criminal activities, true crime podcasts and crime series are given the final musical touch. Starts sparsely, becomes increasingly dramatic.

  2. Social Graveyard UBM 2232

    Dark shadows pass by and do not bode well! Dark, devious, apocalyptic. For thrillers and crime movies.

  3. Locked UBM 2277

    Eerie, gloomy, tense. Ideal for escape games, true crime content or classic thrillers.

  4. Morgenrot UBM 2272

    Bombastic, dark track with strong beats provides the perfect soundtrack for urban crime. Ominous, aggressive, sinister.

  5. Lonely Riding UBM 2131

    Subtle tension, meditative spheres

  6. Struggle Between Good and Evil UBM 2390

    Hectic, suspicious, dark. Perfect for true crime, demanding thrillers and haunting psychograms.

  7. Important Decision UBM 2219

    Calm, concentrated, very serious.

  8. Dangerous Knowledge UBM 2241

    Subtle pulse; mysterious, unsteady and hesitant.

  9. Morbid Motivation UBM 2240

    Dismal, sinister, searching for meaning. Electric guitar and electronics.

  10. Mixed Feelings UBM 2298

    An undulating, deep eeriness. Including electronica and industrial elements.

  11. Tic Toc Tension ARTFCD07

    Moody pizzicato strings

  12. High Frequency Trading UBM 2346

    Busy, professional, potentially dangerous. Pulsating synth track for images of the stock market, speculation and political debates.

  13. Low Bubbling UBM 2207

    A little bit threatening, this gloomy, ominous track works for crime, forensic investigation and all kinds of dangerous situations.

  14. Investigative 01 UBM 2176

    Subtly eerie track with ticking in the background that creates tension. For investigative content.

  15. They Arrive UBM 2445

    Dark, ominous, oppressive. For features about conspiracy theories, true crime and science fiction.

  16. Elapsed Time UBM 2425

    Subtle track that conveys strong tension and time pressure. For topics like true crime and mysterious incidents.

  17. Criminal Synapses UBM 2230

    This dark track sounds concentrated, warm and yet dangerous. For crime content and thrillers.

  18. Collapse UBM 2322

    Slow ambient start with synthesizer and sound of wind bells leading to a threatening and hopeful mood of existential threat.

  19. Sinister Scene UBM 2270

    Dark, melancholy piano composition with dramatic strings. Ideal for true crime, dramas and crime series.

  20. Deep Piano UBM 2352

    Disturbing piano accents and steady ticking create a nervous, scary mood.

  21. Tension Sphere UBM 2237

    Abstract soundscape for an atmosphere of danger and tension.

  22. Perpetrator UBM 2398

    Atmospheric soundtrack for reports on organized crime and illegal activities.

  23. Miracle Movements UBM 2336

    Mysterious slow composition. Slightly unsettling and mystic. Works for historical drama as well as for a contemporary crime scene.