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Valentine's Day

February 14 has established itself as the 'Day of Love'. The commemorative day of St. Valentine was supposedly introduced into the church as early as 1500 years ago and later removed from the Roman calendar. In Germany, US soldiers spread the hype about Valentine's Day after the Second World War, and became almost a commercial product.

Tracks (18)

  1. Black Sea Walz UBM 2374

    Acoustic guitar and strings create a calm waltz. Perfect for family shows, soap operas and early evening programs.

  2. Romancing HT0087

    Cocktails and candlelight dinner with a slow funk groove and elegant piano

  3. La Mode HT0064

    sting edit of groovey chilled house track

  4. Amour Amour ARTFCD45

    Sexy female vocal jingle with bass and drums

  5. Beauty UBM 2138

    Too beautiful to be true, accordeon theme

  6. Summer's Night UBM 2369

    This quiet accordion melody evokes images of a warm summer evening in the countryside. Bullerby idyll.

  7. La Tristeza UBM 2281

    An uplifting track featuring a Spanish guitar and cello. Melancholy yet hopeful. Emotional, warm, cordial.

  8. Diary UBM 2367

    Slow relaxing, calming atmosphere, warm piano for contemplative moments, with smooth spiralling strings.

  9. Harbour Tour UBM 2392

    Timid approaches between two lovers who exchange furtive looks. Ideal for TV dating programs or advertising for datins services.

  10. Any Which Way HT0038

    Classical acoustic guitar with percussion and bass

  11. Optimistic Strings UBM 2275

    Romantic track full of optimism and hope. Ideal for love films, romantic comedies and programs for Valentine's Day.

  12. Sunday Brunch UBM 2391

    A jazzy lounge track made for a relaxed Sunday breakfast in bed. Airy, warm and laid-back.

  13. Romance Waltz UBM 2336

    Beautiful waltz with a bit of a nostalgic touch. Tender and affectionate.

  14. Late Night Program UBM 2444

    It's gotten late, finally home – finally time to switch off and recharge the battery.

  15. Transition UBM 2324

    Impressionist solo piano that stays in the background. Unagitated and subtly playful.

  16. Gypsy Romance HT0019

    The last guest sits at the counter with a heavy heart and head.