Playlist image December 01, 2020: World AIDS Day

December 01, 2020: World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day has been taking place on December 1st every year since 1988. It affirms the rights of HIV-positive people worldwide and calls for coexistence without prejudice and exclusion. World AIDS Day also reminds people who have died as a result of HIV and AIDS. Around 38 million people worldwide live with HIV. Photo: sergey mikheev (

Tracks (15)

  1. A Joyus Day UBM 2364

    Positive, building joy with a light celtic sound.

  2. Hope UBM 2351

    Airy track with a neutral, slightly optimistic mood.

  3. In The Air UBM 2356

    Thoughtful and reflective with some deeper moody elements.

  4. Sunbeams in Winter UBM 2317

    Radiating hope, optimism and excitement about the wonders of life and nature. With lively strings and playful bells.

  5. We Will Find A New Way UBM 2335

    Fragile female vocals accompanied by soft piano and electronic sounds. Ideal for emotional scenes, beginning hopefulness and moments of despair and solitude. Reduced and instrumental versions available.

  6. Brand New Feeling UBM 2360

    This track builds tension and at the same time sounds optimistic and future-oriented. Slow pace.

  7. Walnut UBM 2341

    Nice track with a friendly atmosphere and funny guitar sequence. Hear the dancing insects.

  8. Bouncy Kalimba UBM 2382

    Fresh Kalimba track that radiates positivity, hope and lightness. Topics such as inclusion, humanitarian projects and social justice are perfectly accompanied with this track.

  9. Compassion UBM 2383

    This track spreads hope and optimism. Suitable for programms about the prevention and treatment of addiction and professional medical care in general.

  10. Circular UBM 2315

    Trance anthem with beautiful violins. A full airy expansive sound..

  11. Fall From Grace UBM 2354

    Driving guitar figure, piano and percussion convey energy and confidence. Increasing energy for an uplifting effect.

  12. Hold My Line UBM 2265

    Serious and dynamic. Ideal for news, science and fairs. Synthesizer.

  13. Model Pupil UBM 2332

    Acoustic guitar intro develops into a warm, inspiring pop tune. Steady bassdrum starts around 1:00. Uplifting, enthusiastic mood, reminiscent of contemporary neo-folk indie bands.

  14. Fishing For Information UBM 2242

    Positive, uplifting pop track with Hammond organ and electric guitar solo. Warm, spirited, open.

  15. Explainable UBM 2251

    Positive and motivating sound with xylophone, perfect for a description of complicated information in a comprehensive way.