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Cold Season

The cold season has not only found its way into our four walls, but also into our wardrobes. Hats, scarves and gloves have become an indispensable part of daily walks. After a day in the cold, you can look forward to a warm bathtub, cozy cuddles and a hot tea. Photo: Andrew Ridley (

Tracks (15)

  1. Cold Days UBM 2308

    Atmospheric strings and woodwinds serve as the icy backdrop for violin accents. Ideal for documentaries about nature in the polar regions, romantic films or TV drama that requires a serious mood.

  2. Happy Thoughts UBM 2364

    Light, open happy and positive.

  3. A Lot Ahead UBM 2383

    The piano and strings create a cold atmosphere reminiscent of dew, melting snow and white winter landscapes. Ideal for nature documentaries, climate change and melting poles.

  4. Alphorn UBM 2320

    Expressive alphorn as solo instrument, accompanied by low guitar tones, percussion and accordion. Airy, clear, panoramic.

  5. Delicate Touch UBM 2335

    Shimmering electronic arpeggios meet minimalistic strings. The haunting sountrack to a quiet walk through a winter landscape.

  6. Icy Sparkles UBM 2388

    Cold, windy, majestic. The listener is taken into an icy snowy landscape full of natural wonders. Perfectly suited for nature documentaries and features about climate change.

  7. Heart Of Russia UBM 2292

    A slow-flowing, melodramatic, passionate composition with piano, strings, and cimbalom.

  8. Alaska - Sitka UBM 2246

    Shimmering, fragile, mesmerizing. Beautifully icy and warm at the same time. Electric guitar with plenty of reverb.

  9. Steps On Water UBM 2283

    Dripping ice, bizarre icescapes or ice-cold brooks could be well accompanied with this track.

  10. Umiak UBM 2339

    Open, undecided, expectant.

  11. Eastern Taiga UBM 2374

    Imposing orchestral recordings, mystical and majestic. Perfect for nature documentaries about the vastness of Siberia, the taiga, and romantic winter landscapes.

  12. Drops UBM 2356

    Easy flowing, light mannered, positive and open.

  13. Silky Smooth UBM 2281

    A cinematic symphonic score. Romantic, longing, passionate.

  14. Perfumed UBM 2324

    Delicate solo piano. Starts fragile but develops into a subtly optimistic mood.

  15. Leise rieselt der Schnee UBM 2366

    One of the most famous winter songs in German. It describes the anticipation of the arrival of the Christ Child.