Playlist image March 8: International Women's Day - World Women's Day
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March 8: International Women's Day - World Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day. International Women's Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years. On International Women's Day (sometimes also called International Women's Day, Women's Fighting Day, Women's World Day or simply Women's Day), women demonstrate worldwide for equality and against discrimination against women. So todays Playlist is all female. Photo: Jen Theodore (

Tracks (47)

  1. Samba Do Voar UBM 2417

    This happy samba exudes passion and lightness at the same time. South American flair and authentic instrumentation.

  2. Walking In The Sun HT0443

    Sexy, fun, love song about being with your baby on the beach in the summertime.

  3. Mau5trap HT0067

    A Euro dance track with elements of dubstep in the transitions. Minor key creates a sense of moodiness or melancholy wistfulness.

  4. The Telling UBM 2472

    Collectively lonely and suffering from sensory overload, the city youth huddle close together on the round-knobbed PVC floors of the dance halls.

  5. Sequence Dream UBM 2414

    Cool electronica with claps, bass synthesizer and arpeggios in medium tempo. Casual and catchy.

  6. I'm Movin' Up HT0424

    Modern Contemporary Swagger Rock Song building to Anthemic Chorus

  7. Hypno Strobe HT0096

    Cool mysterious ambient dance groove. Suggestion of a ghostly race track and announcer echoing in the very far distance.

  8. Reaching New Heights UBM 2415

    Harp arpeggios and spherical synthesizers create a mystical world of sound. Harmonious, peaceful and pure. Suitable for fairy tales and magical worlds.

  9. System Overflow TWPM 049

    Dark cyber crime background with distorted sounds and driving programmed beats.

  10. Waiting For Tomorrow UBM 2335

    Beautiful pop ballad with female vocals, piano, strings and electronics. Instrumental and reduced versions available.

  11. Fiery Tsardash TWAS 003

    Lively traditional Hungarian folk dance. Original spelling: Csárdás.

  12. Daydreaming UBM 2239

    Positive, dreamy, open, innocent. Catchy melody and overall optimistic mood.

  13. Peace For Jenny HT0451

    Relaxing ambient acoustic solo piano. Perfect for meditaiton or relaxing background music.

  14. Big Chimes TWPM 056

    Beautiful floating marimba like synthetic sequence with sparse electronic drums and bells.

  15. Sway UBM 2324

    Halting, sweet, searching. Varying tempo between slow and medium. Solo piano, ideal for images of nature, introspection and harmony.

  16. Embrace SLAM0015

    Mid Tempo JAZZ

  17. Hardly Can Expect UBM 2288

    Hesitant, cool, laid-back blue jazz tune. Warm, sophisticated and classy. With piano and trumpet leading.

  18. My World HT0413

    Upbeat light-hearted pop/rock track that makes you feel optomistic and happy

  19. True Feelings HT0040

    New Age underscore track featuring guitar and piano. The track has a mood of introspection and hope.

  20. Dreamlike UBM 2391

    Smooth, deep, asleep. This track is reminiscent of a state of drifting away - the transition between waking and sleeping.

  21. Christmas Coca Cola Like Song HT0304 / / Mobile: +43.650.844 6890 / Natascha Hagen

  22. Nostalgia ARTFCD22

    Old fashioned piano and string quartet

  23. Funkfetti HT0437

    Funky Feel Good Instrumental with bouncy rhythms and a catchy bass line

  24. Secret Window UBM 2152

    forbidden approach, lumbering, gaining courage

  25. The Sea ARTFCD44

    Optimistic synth runs and rhythms

  26. Creatures UBM 2306

    Ambient soundscape with repetetive guitar and occasional bits of beat. Abstract, strange, experimental.

  27. Dark Before The Dawn HT0414

    Piano driven intense orchestral cue that builds to high climax when dawn breaks and calm returns.

  28. Table For Two HT0401

    Strong, Dramatic, Electronic, Synth

  29. 332 Erster Satz UBM 2293

    With the Piano Sonata No. 12 in F major KV 332 / 300k by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from the year 1783, he proves self-confident freedom of interpretation in the use of sonata form.

  30. Blue Catwalk HT0084

    Fashion dance with A-Ha "Take On Me" feel - turns on at :25.

  31. Money By The Cottagers HT0429

    Moody Aggressive Dance Pop with sparse vocals

  32. In The Circle HT0064

    Rhythm and Synth Layers with loose feel

  33. Celebration (No Vocal) ARTFCD116

    Female-led soul ballad with a Celtic twist

  34. Fresh Heir HT0025

    Classical Orchestra with Hip Hop beats. Strings, Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bass

  35. Serious Hero Action HT0416

    Orchestral track starts off with suspense then quickly tunrs to epic hardcore action.

  36. Makin' Moonshine HT0056

    Happy, Rollicking, Mischievous, Playful

  37. Classy Urban Groove HT0083

    Hip Hop version of Public Domain Classical tune: Badinerie. Piano, Urban Electro Drumbeats.

  38. Storm In Tatra Mountains TWAS 003

    Unfolding atmospheric panorama with big piano chords.

  39. Get Tricky HT0453

    Hypnotic synth trap Instrumental hiphop -heavy kick and hats

  40. Call Me Up HT0454

    Upbeat Electro Pop dance track with some R&B flavors

  41. Keeping The Hope Alive HT0428

    Beautiful Song about Hope with 3 part Female Vocal harmony

  42. Shady Secrets HT0080

    Old school beats, light keys, feels sneaky.

  43. Swivel Swivel HT0449

    Song about a sexy woman in the club, all guys keep staring while she is dancing.

  44. Stand Up HT0453

    Hard hitting Orchestral Hip Hop song suitable for all media including sports.

  45. I Don't Care Anymore HT0439

    Hard Rock Song with Female Vocal about blowing off an old lover.

  46. Do You Know Me TWPM 055

    Powerful rock song with female vocals, heavy guitar riffs, hard rock drum themes and with breakdown. Ambient and disco style synths. Explicit, high energy lyrics.