Action | Adventure

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2295

Fast Tension - Dramatic Suspense

Pulsing synths, big thumping hits explosions with powerful percussion. Exhilarating, electrifying, high voltage tunes. Epic, dramatic, energetic tracks for crime, war and terror. Sport, actionsports, advertising or hight action drama.

UBM 2295
Artwork UBM 2225

TV Tension

Perfect for action, sports & drama! These powerful scores provide your images with just the right amount of energy and force.

UBM 2225
Artwork UBM 2237


Serious underscores for images of shady business, serious politics, power and secret activities. Cinematic instrumentation meets modern electronic elements.

UBM 2237
Artwork ACL202

Xtreme Sports

Hardcore, intense, energetic, down and dirty rock that will drive you to the edge. Will make any sport extreme and over the top

Artwork ACL173

Final Score

Kick off the sports season with “Final Score”: a mix of powerful, contemporary orchestral pieces and hard-driving, heavy rock.

Artwork UBM 2243


Epic hybrid scores for action, adventure and sweeping historic fiction. Plenty of orchestral grandness and dramatic choirs.

UBM 2243
Artwork UBM 2204

Show & Reality

Action, Pathos, Drama, Fun & Concentration - all you need for reality tv, contest, casting shows and powerful promo trailers

UBM 2204
Artwork UBM 2266

World Conflicts

Eerie, dark and daunting tracks for footage about acts of war and conflicts.

UBM 2266
Artwork UBM 2196

Epic Action

various full-sounding & pictorial themes full of action & power

UBM 2196
Artwork UBM 2253

Rough Pop

Fast and positive pop sound for images of urban living, summer and festivals.

UBM 2253
Artwork UBM 2190

Dark Tension II

additional collection of powerful, dark orchestrated underscores from eerie to dramatic

UBM 2190
Artwork UBM 2230

Mixed Emotions

Skillfully instrumented tracks for sophisticated TV. Ideal for documentaries and films about history, nature and human relations.

UBM 2230
Artwork UBM 2269

True Rock

This dark and melancholic album offers an alliance of rough rock and pop-rock.

UBM 2269
Artwork UBM 2270

Take Me Away

Beautifully instrumented, diversive tracks for documentaries, drama and family programme.

UBM 2270
Artwork ARTFCD72

Pulses 3

Atmospheric pulsing music for documentary, drama and current affairs