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A journey is the movement of people over a longer period of time on foot or by means of transport in order to reach a single destination or to get to know several places. Photo: Caroline Selfors (

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The third part of our Germany trip takes you south: to Bavaria and beyond its borders! Let yourself be surprised by the versatility of this traditional folk music. Authentically orchestrated with harp, brass, zither and strings, this special album convinces with its local color and its rustic character. Full album download includes stems.

Our new series German Travelog takes you on a musical journey through Germany. The Rhine region is the starting point - a cultural landscape steeped in history, known for nature, art and as an economic center in the heart of Europe. Whether as a wine-growing region, picturesque Burgenland or a dynamic research hub: the Rhineland is always worth a visit.

These 15 authentic guitar tracks are influenced by Irish folk and Celtic culture. They are suitable for travel reports, historical material as well as productions that deal with closeness to nature and the appreciation of tradition.

With these wonderfully warm pieces for acoustic guitar, wanderlust comes up! The South American sounds are audibly inspired by traditional Brazilian music. Ideal for travel magazines, cooking channels, and beach dating shows.

A compilation of traditional Irish and Celtic compositions that would fit into any Irish country pub. The music creates typical Irish or Celtic images of rolling green landscapes, village fairs or collies guarding sheep in the emerald-green fields. Instrumented with accordion, guitars and flutes.

Warm, harmonious and varied accordion compositions that are particularly suitable for romantic or family-related topics. From an elegant cocktail party to a romantic walk in Paris to homey country music, plenty of moods and situations are represented on this album.

From a deep soulful dirge to foot-stomping vodka fuelled traditional balalaikas and cimbalom. Whether on the Siberian wastes, overlooking the tundra in spring, or a vodka sipping, Cossack dancing evening in a village tavern, you will find all you need for musical accompaniment in these excellent authentic compositions.