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The second part of our small "Straight to VHS" series is also a musical homage to fearless retro-futuristic works of art and nerdy science fiction material. The aesthetic world of this unusual album ranges from warm analog synth sound baths to experimental soundscapes for science fiction, true crime and art house cinema.

Secrets can be wondrous, connecting, or uncanny. It is precisely this diversity that Marwin Farwig brings to bear in his album. The musical spectrum ranges from enchanted, fairytale-like and light to gloomy, spooky and frightening.

Recorded at and with the renowned FILMharmonic Orchestra in Prague, these beautifully arranged compositions are the ideal companion for sophisticated films and documentaries. They accompany images of blissful nature, powerful emotions and spell binding storytelling.

Unique, authentic medieval songs with original ancient instruments. With their minnesingers, they take these special compositions to a time of the Inquisition, to castles and palaces or to a feast at the court of the kings in the 11th to 15th centuries. Greetings from Merlin, Parzival and the Knights of the Round Table.

The moods on this varied album range from elegant and aristocratic to pompous and theatrical. It is equally suitable for high society magazines, historical subjects, fantasy games and fairy tale films.

Four decades back in time! Enjoy the old analog synthesizer sounds of the Moog-, Roland- and ARP systems of the 70s and 80s. This album was produced exclusively with old analog devices. Immerse yourself in a sonic world that is so popular in present series like "Stranger Things", "Dr Who" and "Mr. Robot". Futuristic and timeless!