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Twelvetones Production Music is the first Hungarian professional music library. With more than 10 years of experience in international library music market and TV/film music production, its musical knowledge is the creative force behind its productions and gives Twelvetones the ability to produce niche products for the market.

66 Albums

Energetic symphonic epic gothic hard rock songs with emotional and powerful female vocals. Massive drums, electronic beats, epic synths and driving metal guitar riffs. Perfect for sport and action, promos and advertising.

Retro synthwave with modern productions. Catchy melodies, robotic beats, 80s synth sounds. Very digital and super cool. Perfect for technology, science and documentary.

Beautiful acoustic textures filled with all the colour and human emotions of the autumn days. Calm but little bit moody ambiences, arrangements that recall rain and wind in the pale sunlight, and moods that are reminiscent of being loved and lonely at the very same time.