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Nature | Landscape

A landscape is a geographical area that is home to different animal and plant worlds.

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Beautiful acoustic textures filled with all the colour and human emotions of the autumn days. Calm but little bit moody ambiences, arrangements that recall rain and wind in the pale sunlight, and moods that are reminiscent of being loved and lonely at the very same time.

On "Biosphere", Conrad Oleak and Marcel Rainer deliver the sequel to their UBM album "Aurora Borealis - Loops & Arpeggios": 10 highly atmospheric tracks that conjure up billowing underwater worlds full of fascinatingly colourful fish, desert landscapes blown away by sandstorms or the polar lights on the icy horizon of the North Cape before our inner eye. For documentaries on nature and climate protection, history or scientific topics. Stems available.

Recorded at and with the renowned FILMharmonic Orchestra in Prague, these beautifully arranged compositions are the ideal companion for sophisticated films and documentaries. They accompany images of blissful nature, powerful emotions and spell binding storytelling.

Our experts for warm acoustic guitars deliver another beautiful album of folk and pop-inspired acoustic gems. These marvelous songs evoke images of nature, peaceful positivity and an authentic, healthy lifestyle. All tracks come in various moods for all your production needs.

These carefully arranged tracks take you on a roadtrip through sunny fields and beautiful wide landscapes. While the acoustic guitar remains the main instrument, additional band accompaniment provides great variety. A beautiful unplugged album that works well for nature and travel contexts as well as for family programs and anything that needs an authentic, warm soundtrack.

Impressive compositions that radiate calm and relaxation as well as covering dramatic topics such as climate change and spectacular natural phenomena. What all tracks have in common, however, is that they primarily capture the feeling of a vast landscape.

An acoustic journey of discovery into the marvels of nature and wild animals. This album comes packed full of energy and surprises. Acoustic sound, accentuated with piano, guitar and marimba.

This themed collection offers harmonious sounds with acoustic guitar as the central instrument. From folklore to acoustic pop to New Age, many styles are represented here. Great for pictures of a life in harmony with nature, for family television and authentic everyday portraits.