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Fashion refers to the rule that applies in a certain period of time to do, wear or consume things that have changed over time with the demands of people.

21 Albums

Summer, sun, beach and party! These 12 tracks make the hearts of all those beat faster who like to party exuberantly on vacation. Ideal for reality formats or travel magazines with a focus on party miles.

Hyperpop is the genre of the hour. The eclectic mix of deconstructed beats, vocals pitched beyond recognition and references to almost every pop genre of the last decades fits the current meme culture and various internet phenomena. These tracks are sure to make her entry stand out from the crowd. All stems are included with the album download for even more editing flexibility.

Thirteen versatile tracks by veteran composer & producer Anselm Kluge that illustrate every facet of modern urban life between work and leisure, single lifestyle and having a family, or consumption and minimalism.

The trusted Beyond The Sounds team is back with a collection of retro-futurist synth pop tracks. Between vintage sounds and a timeless appeal, these compositions are a great addition to images of club culture, couture, hip city life and 80s parties.