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As diverse as the genre of the documentaries themselves, this album is also full of varied music. Whether for travel, history, sports or sophisticated investigative journalism: you will find it here. Stems available with album download.

Collage-like, playful and brimful of quirky humour: Taking influence from the vaporwave phenomenon, Achim Zweschper presents 12 varied pieces on "Creativity" that effortlessly combine edgy hipness and an unmistakably 90s retro feeling. Ideal for all topics around creativity and creative chaos.

This unusual electronica album convinces with great arrangements and warm instrumentation, often combining synthesizers with drums. Somewhere between experimental pop and contemporary score, it is a perfect choice for sophisticated programs on cultural and social topics.

The trusted Beyond The Sounds team is back with a collection of retro-futurist synth pop tracks. Between vintage sounds and a timeless appeal, these compositions are a great addition to images of club culture, couture, hip city life and 80s parties.

A collection of French-inspired compositions, classical and piano pieces, to accompany classical, nature, countryside, or wildlife images. Reminiscent of the compositions of Satie and Debussy or the Impressionist masterworks of Matisse or Monet.