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Shows from the daily program, but also online tutorials or podcasts with a focus on DIY and hobbies need authentically instrumented, lively background music that makes the audience sit up and take notice. This album radiates a good mood and zest for creativity.

Funky electric guitars and brass instruments ensure positive, fresh tracks, ideal for entertainment programs such as cooking and baking shows. From bright and optimistic to hectic and focused, everything is included.

Funky guitar pieces that take the listener on a journey to the 1960s and 1970s. Everything from cool and hardy to calm and relaxed can be found on this album. Ideal for retrospectives and charming gangster films.

This collection of warm, authentic tracks focuses on the acoustic guitar. Occasionally accompanied by piano and percussion, it creates a special atmosphere that perfectly accompanies images of nature, harmonious family life, and a healthy lifestyle.

Warm, harmonious and varied accordion compositions that are particularly suitable for romantic or family-related topics. From an elegant cocktail party to a romantic walk in Paris to homey country music, plenty of moods and situations are represented on this album.

The third and last part of the Travel Around The World series comes up with versatile tracks from all over the world. Among other things, Oriental, Asian and Latin American sounds meet 90s pop and are perfect for travel reports as well as romantic family programs and culinary discoveries.

A collection of French-inspired compositions, classical and piano pieces, to accompany classical, nature, countryside, or wildlife images. Reminiscent of the compositions of Satie and Debussy or the Impressionist masterworks of Matisse or Monet.