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A message is defined as a notification of the latest events or conditions, which are often of particular importance. Photo: Absolutvision (

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From optimistic to dramatic, these tracks illuminate the different sides of globalization. They are suitable for economic reports, social documentaries and gripping reports on the effects of globalization on us all.

In times of political scandals, media manipulation, and important elections, news magazines and documentaries need serious, well-crafted musical underscores. Between neutral, urgent and subtly threatening, these music beds work great for investigative journalism, political talk shows, and modern crime films.

Exciting, gripping compositions that are the perfect backdrop for any journalistic or reporter situations. From rolling printing presses to the embedded journalist reporting from the front lines, all types of visual clues can be supported with these tracks.

One of two albums filled with sophisticated minimal music. Beautiful electronics and subtle beats create neutral atmospheres that fit many purposes and programs. News, science documentaries and investigation are just a few of them.