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Technology in today's sense is the science and teaching of technology for planning and manufacturing industrial products. Photo: Markus Spiske (

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Artificial intelligence and computer-based technologies are on everyone’s lips today. Thoroughly researched TV reports and podcasts on the topic require appropriate tracks that provide a serious background for complex questions. You're sure to find what you're looking for on this album! For maximum flexibility when editing, the album download includes all stems.

These stylishly produced electronica tracks build a bridge from the trendy retro sound of the 1980s to contemporary electronic sounds. They are ideal for documentaries and podcasts on artificial intelligence, new technologies, science fiction and retrofuturistic computer worlds.

Is anyone out there? This smart electronic album sounds futuristic and is suitable for thrilling moments and images of space, science fiction, new technology and research.

Gloomy underscores for images of desperation, environmental pollution, industrial hazards and deserted areas. Dark, yet rich in variety, these tracks are great for sci-fi, science and nature programs.

One of two albums filled with sophisticated minimal music. Beautiful electronics and subtle beats create neutral atmospheres that fit many purposes and programs. News, science documentaries and investigation are just a few of them.