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Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2285

Shadows Of The Past

Beatifully crafted orchestral compositions with strong classical piano, violins or cello elements to add the perfect touches to strong emotive, passionate or melancholic images.

UBM 2285
Artwork UBM 2244

Fate Of History

These carefully instrumented tracks with cello, bowed psaltery and bowed guitar as lead instruments are unobtrusive yet effective. They accompany images of loss, war, history, mystery and drama in a tasteful manner: emotional but never over the top. For film and ambitious TV/ radio programs.

UBM 2244
Artwork ACL043

Great Explorations III

Whether cruising along the Serengeti, or cruising down the Nile, this album has the perfect backdrop for any African adventure.

Artwork ACL129

1960'S Rock

Psychedelic rock with a hip hop edge and an eastern flare

Artwork UBM 2260

Agony And Drama

A great variety of high quality melancholic, dramatic and threatening orchestral tracks that touch the emotions of the audience.

UBM 2260
Artwork UBM 2270

Take Me Away

Beautifully instrumented, diversive tracks for documentaries, drama and family programme.

UBM 2270
Artwork UBM 2238

Scripted Reality & True Drama

Modern, mostly electronic underscores between minimal and mysterious. Subtly dramatic, these tracks are ideal for contemporary TV formats, documentaries and investigative content.

UBM 2238
Artwork AMS005

American Music Series: Early Jazz, Vol. 1

A mix of up-tempo Dixieland jazz songs and casual jazz combos with a bluesy feel. Great for entertainment and romantic settings.

Artwork UBM 2255

Africa Between Hope And Despair

The perfect sound for African lifestyles as well as daily challenges in Africa and attempted escapes. Sad and melancholic but dynamic and exciting, too.

UBM 2255
Artwork UBM 2218

Film, Feature & Documentary

A carefully instrumented, versatile toolbox for film & documentary makers, with moods ranging from thoughtful to epic and dramatic.

UBM 2218
Artwork UBM 2268

Northern Light

Emotional strings mingled with warm and bright vibraphone create a mood of happy anticipation.

UBM 2268
Artwork UBM 2220

Piano Memories

Beautiful piano pieces - mostly solo, sometimes with subtle accompaniment.

UBM 2220
Artwork UBM 2226

Menace Of War

Serious tracks for films and documentaries on war and catastrophes as well as their aftermath. Subtle and carefully arranged without pathos.

UBM 2226
Artwork UBM 2194

Children, Comedy & Zoo

Beautifully instrumented tunes with a vintage feel.

UBM 2194
Artwork UBM 2155

The Plaza

famous and well-known classical masterpieces arranged for piano and chamber strings

UBM 2155
Artwork UBM 2101


Delicate solo piano pieces

UBM 2101
Artwork UBM 2102


Cheerful easy listening tunes featuring the Botho Lucas Voices

UBM 2102
Artwork UBM 2262

Pain And Sorrow

Emotional and dramatic sounds that are ideal for sad scenes and tragedy. This extraordinary album has been recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague.

UBM 2262
Artwork UBM 2257

Industrial Design

Serious tracks for footage showing processes of creating systems and products that optimize appearance, function and value. Works for images of mass production, as well as manufacturing.

UBM 2257
Artwork UBM 2251

Reduced Emotions

Subtle yet sophisticated music for documentaries and films about science, industry and social relations.

UBM 2251
Artwork UBM 2267


Airy, bright and neutral synth pop. Perfect for restaurants, daily news & weather.

UBM 2267
Artwork ACL063

Grunge City

Heavier, dirtier, funkier, and grungier than even those Pacific Northwesterners.

Artwork UBM 2126

German Castle Magic

Essential medieval tunes and dances - composed and reanimated by Ingo Hampf

UBM 2126