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Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2303

VIP - Chic & Glamour

Contemporary electronic music of various kinds: from airy, chilled-out grooves to rough trip and club sounds.

UBM 2303
Artwork UBM 2301

Timelapse - Trip Hop & Drum N Bass

Ambient electronic sounds, including drum and bass and jungle themes, with occasional industrial driving elements.

UBM 2301
Artwork UBM 2256

Chilled Guitars

Smooth and relaxed guitar sounds. Perfect for a variety of uses like travel documentaries, advertisement, entertainment and TV shows as well as images of hot summer days.

UBM 2256
Artwork UBM 2287

Electronic Dance Music - Vibrant EDM

Progressive house, dutch house, EDM or future house. All these sounds are to be found on this album to compliment any beachparty, show, catwalk or sport activities like zumba, aerobics or just pumping iron.

UBM 2287
Artwork UBM 2267


Airy, bright and neutral synth pop. Perfect for restaurants, daily news & weather.

UBM 2267
Artwork UBM 2257

Industrial Design

Serious tracks for footage showing processes of creating systems and products that optimize appearance, function and value. Works for images of mass production, as well as manufacturing.

UBM 2257
Artwork UBM 2245

Indie Dance

Energetic dance music meets inspiring indie rock on this dynamic album. Perfect for youth programs, effective commercials and any feature that can use a little extra energy and optimism.

UBM 2245
Artwork UBM 2268

Northern Light

Emotional strings mingled with warm and bright vibraphone create a mood of happy anticipation.

UBM 2268
Artwork UBM 2248

Piano Keys - Minimal And Contemporary

Twenty modern solo piano tracks for serious and positve topics about society, art and nature.

UBM 2248
Artwork ARTFCD59

Groove Café 7

10 ultra-cool tracks with edits

Artwork ARTFCD35

Designer Musik 2

25 Cool Lounge Tracks from Scandinavia

Artwork ACL124

Akoustic Kafe

Don’t let the name fool you. This is full out, plugged in, contemporary pop, it just has a bit of the cafe vibe to it!