News | Business

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2144

News & Business

manifold news grooves, beds, and opening fanfares

UBM 2144
Artwork ARTFCD19

News International

A comprehensive collection of contemporary news and current affairs themes and beds. Includes 0:30 and sting versions. 92 tracks.

Artwork ARTFCD53

Pulses 2

Atmospheric Pulsing Music For Documentary, Drama and Current Affairs.

Artwork UBM 2150

Weather & Preview

spherical, confident and vivid groove beds for serious weather report

UBM 2150
Artwork UBM 2179

Subtext Grooves

vivid & reflective electronic grooves for the modern urban world

UBM 2179
Artwork UBM 2182

Modern Musicbeds

mid tempo spheres & grooves for various topics of the modern society

UBM 2182
Artwork UBM 2227

TV Tools

Another production music toolbox, jam-packed with versatile tracks for your next TV production or commercial spots. Youthful, modern and surprisingly many-sided.

UBM 2227
Artwork UBM 2200

Art & Design

cool electronic grooves and musicbeds for lifestyle, fashion and design. from neutral to energetic.

UBM 2200
Artwork UBM 2207

Minimalism Blue

One of two albums filled with sophisticated minimal music. Beautiful electronics and subtle beats create neutral atmospheres that fit many purposes and programs. News, science documentaries and investigation are just a few of them.

UBM 2207
Artwork ACL159

News World

This is your news, your world, your drama, and your album to accompany the latest breaking stories.

Artwork UBM 2267


Airy, bright and neutral synth pop. Perfect for restaurants, daily news & weather.

UBM 2267
Artwork UBM 2170

Mind Games

soulful, human & warm underscores with marimba as lead instrument

UBM 2170
Artwork ACL168

Election News

Lush, legato, and marcato strings provide a patriotic and dignified mood for your stately candidates.