Atmospheres | Underscores

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2278


This album packed full of tension is ideal when it comes to images of shady deals, conspiracies, manipulation and investigative journalism.

UBM 2278
Artwork UBM 2260

Agony And Drama

A great variety of high quality melancholic, dramatic and threatening orchestral tracks that touch the emotions of the audience.

UBM 2260
Artwork UBM 2258

Politics & Crime

Dramatic and serious underscores for productions that deal with secret activities, investigation and crime. Traditional middle eastern music meets serious contemporary tracks.

UBM 2258
Artwork ARTFCD66

Atmospherics VII

10 evocative moods and melodic atmospheres

Artwork UBM 2233

Dreams & Fears - Organic Underscores

Hybrid underscore pieces that combine organic pulses with electronic moods. From positive/ hopeful/ dreamy to negative/ ominous/ uneasy.

UBM 2233
Artwork UBM 2224

Ambient Guitar

Unusual guitar atmospheres for documentaries and TV features. Airy and authentic, these tracks combine electric guitar with subtle electronic elements.

UBM 2224
Artwork ARTFCD51

The Drone Zone 4

Soundscapes For Drama, Documentary & Film: Drones, Soundscapes, Underscores, Bed, Drama, Documentary, Factual, Minimal, Tension, Suspense

Artwork UBM 2140

Pulsating Spheres

Myst & ethnic, noisy & artificial, molecular & groovy, melodic & layered spheres

UBM 2140
Artwork UBM 2110

Drones & Emotions II

Spheric drones, lush strings & touching melodies

UBM 2110
Artwork UBM 2120


A wide selection of guitar themes from dreamy acoustic to driving slide styles

UBM 2120
Artwork UBM 2152


Electronic drones and subtle underscores for ominous expectations.

UBM 2152
Artwork UBM 2223

Electromotions - Chemical

Modern spheres and grooves for coverage and documentaries about medicine, health and chemistry; investigative, energetic, scientific, cool & colorful.

UBM 2223
Artwork UBM 2251

Reduced Emotions

Subtle yet sophisticated music for documentaries and films about science, industry and social relations.

UBM 2251
Artwork ARTFCD75

Orchestral Atmospherics 2

Evocative moods and melodic atmospheres with the warmth of a real orchestra

Artwork ACL175

Dramatic Underscores

Powerful, suspenseful, thought-provoking underscores for investigative news and dramatic, action-adventure, and mystery scenes.

Artwork UBM 2256

Chilled Guitars

Smooth and relaxed guitar sounds. Perfect for a variety of uses like travel documentaries, advertisement, entertainment and TV shows as well as images of hot summer days.

UBM 2256