Animals | Wildlife

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2235

Zoo Stories

Beautifully instrumented tracks for all nature and animal related formats: documentaries (wildlife, zoo and safari), children's films and travel magazines. Also works for comedy and kids TV.

UBM 2235
Artwork UBM 2117

Der Neandertaler

Music from the movie "Der Neandertaler" ("The Neanderthal Man") - orchestral moods & suspenseful drones for prehistorical life & ancient cultures, big pictures & documentaries

UBM 2117
Artwork UBM 2163


dramatic, colorful, dangerous & heartwarming tracks for underwater & nature fascination

UBM 2163
Artwork UBM 2156

Ethno World

proud, emotional & utterly intoxicating rhythms and anthems in multiethnic instrumentations

UBM 2156
Artwork UBM 2146

Drumming Out

driving ethnic percussion, the modern globe

UBM 2146
Artwork UBM 2186

Planet Earth

highly descriptive & colorful music for nature documentaries - from easygoing to dark

UBM 2186
Artwork UBM 2194

Children, Comedy & Zoo

Beautifully instrumented tunes with a vintage feel.

UBM 2194
Artwork UBM 2178


beautiful & positive ambiences for nature documentaries

UBM 2178
Artwork ARTFCD30

The Best Of Atmospherics

A diverse compilation of simple, minimal themes, moods, atmospheres and sound design

Artwork UBM 2169


decent & haunting underscores expressing the dark and subconscious

UBM 2169