Art | Design

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2257

Industrial Design

Serious tracks for footage showing processes of creating systems and products that optimize appearance, function and value. Works for images of mass production, as well as manufacturing.

UBM 2257
Artwork UBM 2301

Timelapse - Trip Hop & Drum N Bass

Ambient electronic sounds, including drum and bass and jungle themes, with occasional industrial driving elements.

UBM 2301
Artwork UBM 2239

Minimal Piano

Minimal contemporary piano pieces. Mostly solo, some with subtle electronic accompaniment. Perfect for documentaries, film and features that call for tasteful and unobtrusive music.

UBM 2239
Artwork UBM 2278


This album packed full of tension is ideal when it comes to images of shady deals, conspiracies, manipulation and investigative journalism.

UBM 2278
Artwork UBM 2236

Minimal & Neo-Classical - Modern Chamber Ensembles

Modernist and contemporary classical pieces from avantgarde to easily accessible. Perfect for documentaries and film as well as art, culture and history programs.

UBM 2236
Artwork UBM 2268

Northern Light

Emotional strings mingled with warm and bright vibraphone create a mood of happy anticipation.

UBM 2268
Artwork UBM 2200

Art & Design

cool electronic grooves and musicbeds for lifestyle, fashion and design. from neutral to energetic.

UBM 2200
Artwork ARTFCD58

Smooth Minimals 3

Minimal beds for drama, documentary and lifestyle productions.

Artwork UBM 2233

Dreams & Fears - Organic Underscores

Hybrid underscore pieces that combine organic pulses with electronic moods. From positive/ hopeful/ dreamy to negative/ ominous/ uneasy.

UBM 2233
Artwork UBM 2207

Minimalism Blue

One of two albums filled with sophisticated minimal music. Beautiful electronics and subtle beats create neutral atmospheres that fit many purposes and programs. News, science documentaries and investigation are just a few of them.

UBM 2207
Artwork UBM 2174

Marimba - Human Stories

manifold human emotions for documentary, reality tv, drama & coverage expressed by decent handplayed marimba & strings with modern electronics

UBM 2174
Artwork ARTFCD28

Designer Musik

25 cool lounge tracks from Scandinavia

Artwork UBM 2267


Airy, bright and neutral synth pop. Perfect for restaurants, daily news & weather.

UBM 2267
Artwork ARTFCD24

Groove Café 2

Hot grooves for hot people! Funky grooves, cool beats, jazzy house and chillout, lounge for leisure, sophistication and urban settings

Artwork ACL056

Classical Strings

Relax with these quartets, minuets and full orchestral tracks featuring the string section

Artwork UBM 2260

Agony And Drama

A great variety of high quality melancholic, dramatic and threatening orchestral tracks that touch the emotions of the audience.

UBM 2260
Artwork UBM 2248

Piano Keys - Minimal And Contemporary

Twenty modern solo piano tracks for serious and positve topics about society, art and nature.

UBM 2248
Artwork ARTFCD35

Designer Musik 2

25 Cool Lounge Tracks from Scandinavia

Artwork UBM 2262

Pain And Sorrow

Emotional and dramatic sounds that are ideal for sad scenes and tragedy. This extraordinary album has been recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague.

UBM 2262