Sport | Wellness

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2287

Electronic Dance Music - Vibrant EDM

Progressive house, dutch house, EDM or future house. All these sounds are to be found on this album to compliment any beachparty, show, catwalk or sport activities like zumba, aerobics or just pumping iron.

UBM 2287
Artwork UBM 2301

Timelapse - Trip Hop & Drum N Bass

Ambient electronic sounds, including drum and bass and jungle themes, with occasional industrial driving elements.

UBM 2301
Artwork ACL202

Xtreme Sports

Hardcore, intense, energetic, down and dirty rock that will drive you to the edge. Will make any sport extreme and over the top

Artwork ACL025

The Instructor

Give your presentations or infomercials some schooling with these easy listening corporate pop background tracks

Artwork UBM 2245

Indie Dance

Energetic dance music meets inspiring indie rock on this dynamic album. Perfect for youth programs, effective commercials and any feature that can use a little extra energy and optimism.

UBM 2245
Artwork UBM 2210

Power Pop

Various styles of energetic pop music: from funk to electro, from hardrock to catchy indiepop.

UBM 2210
Artwork UBM 2114


Energy - driving - movement

UBM 2114
Artwork UBM 2193

Uplifting Pop

modern guitar tracks inspired by britpop and rock

UBM 2193
Artwork UBM 2214

Modern Brazil

Traditional instruments and latin beats meet modern club music. An explosive mix that's perfect for sports and youth programs.

UBM 2214
Artwork UBM 2164

Increased Pressure

highly energetic & motivational rave, dance & techno tracks; ultimate promo power

UBM 2164
Artwork ACL134

Surf & Rockabilly

Grab your board and jump in your chevy for this collection of fun tunes, from uptempo 50's rockabilly to dark surf rock ballads.

Artwork ACL095

The Boys Against The Girls Vol. 2

Gentle ballads and soft pop tunes that bring you back to your first love

Artwork UBM 2243


Epic hybrid scores for action, adventure and sweeping historic fiction. Plenty of orchestral grandness and dramatic choirs.

UBM 2243
Artwork ARTFCD11

Atmospherics III

Atmospheric themes, moods and sound design for drama, space, mystery and meditation

Artwork ARTFCD14

Atmospherics IV

Evocative moods and melodic atmospheres for drama, documentary and film. A wide range of atmospheric and minimalist themes in electronic and acoustic arrangements: pastoral, drama, meditative and myst

Artwork UBM 2254

Easy Pop

Energetic pop music for family commercials and cheerful family tv.

UBM 2254
Artwork UBM 2253

Rough Pop

Fast and positive pop sound for images of urban living, summer and festivals.

UBM 2253