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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

Impressive compositions that radiate calm and relaxation as well as covering dramatic topics such as climate change and spectacular natural phenomena. What all tracks have in common, however, is that they primarily capture the feeling of a vast landscape.

Funky electric guitars and brass instruments ensure positive, fresh tracks, ideal for entertainment programs such as cooking and baking shows. From bright and optimistic to hectic and focused, everything is included.

Beautiful and tasteful compositions that capture a wide range of human emotions. Piano, guitar and marimba provide emotional moods that are suitable for topics such as loss, love, compassion, but also natural wonders and features about the animal world.

This varied album on the subject of social change has a spectrum from dramatic and critical to hopeless to optimistic and easy. Sophisticatedly composed and instrumented, it is suitable for features on socially critical topics, social change and political machinations.

This album comes up with serious tracks all about health. From neutral to dark to optimistic, everything is included. Immerse yourself in the world of science and research.

Unique, authentic medieval songs with original ancient instruments. With their minnesingers, they take these special compositions to a time of the Inquisition, to castles and palaces or to a feast at the court of the kings in the 11th to 15th centuries. Greetings from Merlin, Parzival and the Knights of the Round Table.

This album with authentic instrumental hip-hop offers a wide range of styles. From old school tracks to the latest hip beats, you will find the right sound for an urban lifestyle, youth culture, trend sports and street fashion.

Funky guitar pieces that take the listener on a journey to the 1960s and 1970s. Everything from cool and hardy to calm and relaxed can be found on this album. Ideal for retrospectives and charming gangster films.

The third and last part of the Travel Around The World series comes up with versatile tracks from all over the world. Among other things, Oriental, Asian and Latin American sounds meet 90s pop and are perfect for travel reports as well as romantic family programs and culinary discoveries.

These groovy, funky retro tracks deliver the perfect sound for a world populated by femmes fatales, smartly dressed gangsters and cool investigators. With their iconic instrumentation they take us to the big cities of the 60s and 70s.

Warm, harmonious and varied accordion compositions that are particularly suitable for romantic or family-related topics. From an elegant cocktail party to a romantic walk in Paris to homey country music, plenty of moods and situations are represented on this album.