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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

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These 10 epic synthpop instrumentals sound fresh and nostalgic at the same time. For engaging content and timeless images of fashion, youth culture, gaming and fun. Album download including stems.

From optimistic to dramatic, these tracks illuminate the different sides of globalization. They are suitable for economic reports, social documentaries and gripping reports on the effects of globalization on us all.

Our new series German Travelog takes you on a musical journey through Germany. The Rhine region is the starting point - a cultural landscape steeped in history, known for nature, art and as an economic center in the heart of Europe. Whether as a wine-growing region, picturesque Burgenland or a dynamic research hub: the Rhineland is always worth a visit.

These 10 tracks take the listener on a journey to the heart of 1960s Brazil. Full of warmth, joie de vivre and sensuality, this album is suitable as an accompaniment for documentaries, travel magazines or cooking shows.

Dark, oppressive soundscapes for thrillers, action films and more about virtual or real crime as well as networks full of sinister masterminds acting from the shadows. Alternative versions for all tracks available.

These 10 varied compositions are inspired by actually small but nerve-wracking stressful situations in everyday life. Whether it's an ill-fitting hairstyle, an empty battery at the wrong moment, or a disappointing visit to an expensive restaurant: the music accompanies such moments with a wink that we all know.

Immerse yourself in various dream worlds. From gentle atmospheres to sleepy piano arpeggios to distorted guitars everything is included. For features on the topics of healthy sleep, dream interpretation, or insomnia.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! "Daily Health" brings us the right musical accompaniment for service features on home remedies, alternative healing methods or a health-promoting lifestyle – fit as a fiddle through all the ups and downs of our modern, active everyday lives. Stay healthy!

These 12 tracks between acoustic pop and easy listening are particularly suitable for daytime TV, morning magazines and entertainment formats. They provide momentum and motivation and yet remain discreetly in the background.

Secrets can be wondrous, connecting, or uncanny. It is precisely this diversity that Marwin Farwig brings to bear in his album. The musical spectrum ranges from enchanted, fairytale-like and light to gloomy, spooky and frightening.

These 12 blues tracks will take you deep into American music culture. Influenced by the most well-known representatives of fingerstyle, folk and delta blues, they give travel documentaries and historical reports the right musical touch.

This sequel to the album Humanity & Storytelling (UBM 2383) from the same writing team offers a whole range of other challenging compositions for TV and film. With many different sub-versions, these musics are always an excellent choice for documentaries and reports on social and emotional issues.