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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

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The moods on this varied album range from elegant and aristocratic to pompous and theatrical. It is equally suitable for high society magazines, historical subjects, fantasy games and fairy tale films.

Whether in the zoo or on safari. Whether for pets, comedy or wildlife. In our woods or at home in the garden. These unique and beautifully orchestrated tracks take you on a journey of discovery into the fantastic world of animals. Friendly, playful and humorous, sometimes funny sometimes exciting.

This unusual electronica album convinces with great arrangements and warm instrumentation, often combining synthesizers with drums. Somewhere between experimental pop and contemporary score, it is a perfect choice for sophisticated programs on cultural and social topics.

These stylishly produced electronica tracks build a bridge from the trendy retro sound of the 1980s to contemporary electronic sounds. They are ideal for documentaries and podcasts on artificial intelligence, new technologies, science fiction and retrofuturistic computer worlds.

Impressive compositions that radiate calm and relaxation as well as covering dramatic topics such as climate change and spectacular natural phenomena. What all tracks have in common, however, is that they primarily capture the feeling of a vast landscape.

Funky electric guitars and brass instruments ensure positive, fresh tracks, ideal for entertainment programs such as cooking and baking shows. From bright and optimistic to hectic and focused, everything is included.