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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

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The third part of our Germany trip takes you south: to Bavaria and beyond its borders! Let yourself be surprised by the versatility of this traditional folk music. Authentically orchestrated with harp, brass, zither and strings, this special album convinces with its local color and its rustic character. Full album download includes stems.

Six blissed-out tracks featuring washed-out melodic vocals and chunky cosmic retro analog synths layered with glistening astral sounds. Set to strong dynamic beats, this album is heavy on nostalgia but still feels contemporary and glossy. Filled with functional catchy melodies, it brings an optimistic feel to your production. Full download complete with stems.

Wavering guitars, real drums and earthy bass lines - that's Psychedelic Rock. The musical spectrum on this authentic rock album ranges from its roots in the 1960s to today's variations. Album download includes stems.

Our popular Minimalism series is going into the next round after a long break! Under the 'Green' label, the album brings together unobtrusive underscores for documentaries, podcasts, and radio features on social issues and interpersonal relationships. Full album download contains stems.

Climate change, mass extinction and malicious artificial intelligences wiping out mankind: the soundtrack for the full range of gloomy future predictions that can hopefully still be averted. Stems available.

Lifestyle magazines, panoramic shots or product presentations in the upscale sector benefit from these relaxed jazzy compositions for electric guitar and backing band. Stylish, elegant - simply smoove.

Authentic and retro: On "90s Fantasy Game Scores", Kyle McHattie and Michael Worth revive the fantastic worlds of popular role-playing classics from the nineties in the typical Rompler soundscape of the time. The perfect, nostalgic soundtrack to accompany the adventures of yesterday's as well as today's pixel heroes and heroines.

On his UBM debut "Making History", Rotem Hecht provides us with ten lively, detailed tracks with marimba sounds for reports and documentaries on (contemporary) history, social politics, and future topics. Stems and alternative versions are available.

Quiz shows have always been part of the international television landscape. In the popular format, the whole family gathers in front of the screen to root for their favorite candidates. Here is the right music for excitement, risk and patience tests. Stems available with full album download.

Emotional piano pieces between pop and film music. Supported by drums, synth pads or strings, they form the appropriate musical backdrop for modern reports, reality TV or romantic films.

As the co-producer and guitarist of the famous NDW song "Major Tom", Armin Sabol is familiar with compositions that are likely to hit. Here he presents himself as a versatile guitarist whose pithy rock tracks provide the right atmosphere for sports programs, car magazines or action films.

Hyperpop is the genre of the hour. The eclectic mix of deconstructed beats, vocals pitched beyond recognition and references to almost every pop genre of the last decades fits the current meme culture and various internet phenomena. These tracks are sure to make her entry stand out from the crowd. All stems are included with the album download for even more editing flexibility.

Spring – time of awakening and renewal. With Anselm Kluge we start spring cleaning: In the garden as well as in the living room and also mentally we're tidying up. Perfect for podcasts, lifestyle magazines or service formats on daytime TV.

These elegantly stylish compositions for electric guitar and jazz combo will take you straight to a classic jazz club or a tastefully furnished retro bar. Great for cultural programmes, but also for documentaries and programs on furnishing trends or culinary recommendations.

As a border crosser between minimalist ambient, everyday music and loungy beats, this compilation impresses with its neutrality and quality. It is ideal for TV reports on real estate, the world of finance and news in the wellness and cosmetics market.

Jeremy Dinegan's first UBM album "Romantic Comedy" features 10 atmospheric tracks for all kinds of relationship subject matter. From getting to know each other for the first time in everyday life, to a potential temporary separation, to making an eternal covenant, "Romantic Comedy" offers the right background music for a variety of occasions. Highly recommended for dating shows, romcoms, online dating and more.