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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

376 Albums

These cinematic compositions for strings, piano and electronic instruments make crime series, true crime formats or investigative documentaries really exciting. Subtly and sophisticatedly arranged, they set the unfathomable to music without any pathos.

Collage-like, playful and brimful of quirky humour: Taking influence from the vaporwave phenomenon, Achim Zweschper presents 12 varied pieces on "Creativity" that effortlessly combine edgy hipness and an unmistakably 90s retro feeling. Ideal for all topics around creativity and creative chaos.

10 different tracks to capture the different facets of a city at night. From quiet and sleepy to uncomfortable and criminal, everything is included. Ideal for documentaries reports or thrillers.

From graceful and jolly to medieval-enchanted, a wealth of different moods waits for discovery on Chris Burgmann's new album for UBM Records – always infused with the warm, inviting timbre of acoustic guitars played with great finesse and sensitivity. 12 beautiful arrangements, especially suited for everything to do with country life, in its down-to-earth tranquillity.

Thirteen versatile tracks by veteran composer & producer Anselm Kluge that illustrate every facet of modern urban life between work and leisure, single lifestyle and having a family, or consumption and minimalism.

Choosing the right music to set the ambience for demanding subjects such as art and culture, creative work, contemporary history or social processes poses an eternal challenge. May we suggest Francesco Martini's "Noisy Conversations"?

Warm analogue synthesizers take us on a retrofuturistic journey into the depths of the World Wide Web and other network structures, down to the individual synapses of our own nervous systems. Custom-tailored for conveying current technological topics around cryptocurrencies, (machine) learning processes or data security.

Our latest release in the Best of series brings together 24 of Felix Halbe's best tracks. He is our specialist for artistically arranged film and series scores, music for children and groovy retro tracks. Have fun exploring!

These 15 authentic guitar tracks are influenced by Irish folk and Celtic culture. They are suitable for travel reports, historical material as well as productions that deal with closeness to nature and the appreciation of tradition.

These ten varied tracks prove that two instruments are enough (piano and guitar in this case) to create entire musical worlds. Anyone looking for warm, authentic sounds for family programs and advertising is guaranteed to find it here.

On "Everyday Life", Mauro Martinuz and Gino Pillon propose 8 musical interpretations of various familiar situations of our modern 9-to-5 lifestyle. Hectically urban, versatile and yet subtle, between ambient electronic and lofi hip-hop – the two composers accompany our entire everyday: from the morning commute to the office on public transport, to productivity-oriented, concentrated work in the afternoon hours, to relaxing at home after work.