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After more than 40 years in the music business, the name UBM stands for high production quality, pictorial music and personal service.

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These organic tracks between ambient, electronica and film music are characterized by their sophisticated arrangements and warm instrumentation. They are particularly suitable for podcasts and videos on topics such as nature, the environment and social issues.

These compositions for clarinet, bassoon, acoustic guitar, strings, horn and reed instruments, arranged and orchestrated with great dedication, accompany children's and nature films, sophisticated reports and appealing commercials.

Our counterpart to the "Minimalism Green" album offers timeless background music for technical, political, social and economic topics. The mood ranges from neutral to threatening. Album download contains stems.

These 10 tracks offer tension and drama without being intrusive or loud. Ideal for sophisticated crime formats and investigative journalism. Subtle, reduced, tense. Full album download comes with stems.

These studies for solo instruments put the finishing touches on nature documentaries, culture and art magazines. The musical spectrum of this special album ranges between free jazz improvisations for saxophone, noisy experiments and neoclassical solo pieces for cello.

Shows from the daily program, but also online tutorials or podcasts with a focus on DIY and hobbies need authentically instrumented, lively background music that makes the audience sit up and take notice. This album radiates a good mood and zest for creativity.

The second part of our small "Straight to VHS" series is also a musical homage to fearless retro-futuristic works of art and nerdy science fiction material. The aesthetic world of this unusual album ranges from warm analog synth sound baths to experimental soundscapes for science fiction, true crime and art house cinema.

Summer, sun, beach and party! These 12 tracks make the hearts of all those beat faster who like to party exuberantly on vacation. Ideal for reality formats or travel magazines with a focus on party miles.

These smooth electronic compositions move between analog vintage sound and future-oriented synth sounds. They create a warm, unobtrusive world of sound for science magazines, but also for mystery formats and science fiction films. Full album download comes with stems.

This dynamic album oscillates between epic post-rock, experimental post-metal and powerful synth rock. It delivers the right hard soundtrack for sports, action, trailers and all kinds of epics. Pure Adrenaline!