UBM Media

Cover Kompilation Nummer
Artwork UBM 2303

VIP - Chic & Glamour

Contemporary electronic music of various kinds: from airy, chilled-out grooves to rough trip and club sounds.

UBM 2303
Artwork UBM 2302

Danger Zone

Good, well orchestrated cinematic compositions, for slow building tension filled excitement of the science labs, to the throbbing, ticking, timepiece suspense of an impossible mission, and, not forgetting the fulfillment of a job well done.

UBM 2302
Artwork UBM 2301

Timelapse - Trip Hop & Drum N Bass

Ambient electronic sounds, including drum and bass and jungle themes, with occasional industrial driving elements.

UBM 2301
Artwork UBM 2300

Gold Rush - Retro Wild Western

Vintage guitars create the perfect sound for saloon images or road trips. Images of a B-Movie. Spaghetti western, dark country, texmex, deep south swamps, wild frontiers, goldrush. Tarentino or Sergio Leone will all be well accompanied with these compositions.

UBM 2300
Artwork UBM 2299

Typical Texas - Prairie Slide & Blues

Authentic blues guitars, southern rock and country-infused Americana. Warm, raw and down to earth. From deep southern swamps, or from texas to vegas, roadtrips, cowboys and moonshine, all will be well served with this selection.

UBM 2299
Artwork UBM 2298

Tensed Motion

A collection of tracks and soundscapes including industrial and electronica elements to perfectly underscore any tension, suspense, mysterious or exciting images.

UBM 2298
Artwork UBM 2297

Dark City

A collection of compositions, with deep flowing soundscapes, lightly industrial elements and solid deep backdrops for any scenes involving suspense, drama, anticipation, tension or expectancy.

UBM 2297
Artwork UBM 2296

Subtle Tension

From subtle to horrifying: these suspense-packed tracks will work for images of fear, investigation or even military and special operations. Recommended for film, documentary and trailers.

UBM 2296
Artwork UBM 2295

Fast Tension - Dramatic Suspense

Pulsing synths, big thumping hits explosions with powerful percussion. Exhilarating, electrifying, high voltage tunes. Epic, dramatic, energetic tracks for crime, war and terror. Sport, actionsports, advertising or hight action drama.

UBM 2295
Artwork UBM 2294

Swinging Detective - Criminal Retro

Timeless scores for classic spy films. Mysterious, stylish and dangerously sultry. 60s swing soul and jazz.the swinging sixties come to life with these tracks. From UFOs to Film Noir, all will be perfectly complimented with these compositions.

UBM 2294
Artwork UBM 2293


10 beautiful, simple, classical harp arrangements of mozart compositions for any classical scenes, nature images, or travel documentaries.

UBM 2293
Artwork UBM 2292

Welcome To Russia - Traditional & Modern

From a deep soulful dirge, to foot stomping vodka fuelled traditional balalaikas and cimbalom, whether on the Siberian wastes, overlooking the tundra in spring, or a vodka sipping, Cossack dancing evening in a village tavern, you will find all you need for musical accompaniment in these excellent authentic compositions.

UBM 2292
Artwork UBM 2291

DNA Profile - Scientific Suspense

Science labs, pathologists, CSI, forensics, modern thrillers or crime scenes all come to mind and are perfectly accommodated with these tracks of apprehension, doubt, expectancy or tension.

UBM 2291
Artwork UBM 2290

Kids TV - Happy Childhood

Fun and wacky tracks for children, cartoons, slapstick, sitcoms and daytime programs with a happy mood.

UBM 2290
Artwork UBM 2289

Asimov Dreams - Analog Retro Synths

Four decades back in time! Enjoy the old analog synthesizer sounds of the Moog-, Roland- and ARP systems of the 70s and 80s. This album was produced exclusively with old analog devices. Immerse yourself in a sonic world that is so popular in present series like "Stranger Things", "Dr Who" and "Mr. Robot". Futuristic and timeless!

UBM 2289
Artwork UBM 2288

Blue Bar - Relaxing Jazz Piano

From classy, retro jazz to romantic easy listening: this smart album collects beautifully instrumented tunes for various purposes.

UBM 2288
Artwork UBM 2287

Electronic Dance Music - Vibrant EDM

Progressive house, dutch house, EDM or future house. All these sounds are to be found on this album to compliment any beachparty, show, catwalk or sport activities like zumba, aerobics or just pumping iron.

UBM 2287
Artwork UBM 2286

A Celtic Journey

An assortment of traditional Irish and Celtic compositions that would fit in any irish country pub with a guiness, or underlay typical irish or celtic images of rolling green countryside, village fairs, or collies herding sheep around the emerald fields. Played by accordion, guitars and flutes.

UBM 2286
Artwork UBM 2285

Shadows Of The Past

Beatifully crafted orchestral compositions with strong classical piano, violins or cello elements to add the perfect touches to strong emotive, passionate or melancholic images.

UBM 2285
Artwork UBM 2284

Pure Acoustics

Recorded with as little editing as possible, this delicate acoustic album is perfect for creating authentic moods suitable for images of families, children, traditions or life in the countryside.

UBM 2284